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How to Buy WoW Gold Safely Through Auction House Buyout Delivery in Classic & Retail WoW?


LootDude has delivered massive wow gold orders via auction buyout method since 2009. Per our research, buying gold via ah is definitely safer and more legit to blizzard's gold trade tracking system. It's the best choice for those wow players who care about account safety. Also we know a lot players get warning emails from blizzard after they purchased gold by instant/face to face delivery, but after they switch to auction delivery, they no longer get warning from blizzard. 
Buying wow gold through auction house is safer for reasons below.
1. It makes possible for buyers to avoid in game connection with wow gold sellers.
For face to face delivery, more or less, you have to connect with gold farmers. In most cases, you’ll be in a group and chat with delivery guy, wait to be traded near bank vault. Once Blizzard assumes the transaction is suspicious, they’ll dig your chat record and activities during this period; they can easily find your motivation.
For auction buyout delivery, you usually place an order with auction items and seller info on, then, wait the items to be bought. AH is an open market, everyone can purchase your auctions. So it appears to blizzard tracking system that you’re not doing it on purpose. Besides, Lootdude’s employees are not allowed to whisper our clients in game if there’s no emergency; we usually connect with clients via global txt service or livechat on our site. Blizzard won’t find any connections between us.
2. Epic auction items make the transaction even safer
Obviously, it’s more legitimate to sell epic items at high prices in ah. Lootdude has strict requirements for auction items. For auction buyout orders lower than 1000 TBC Classic Gold, we recommend you use some rare or epic items such as, Small Glimmering Shard, Large Brilliant Shard etc. If order is bigger than 1000 TBC classic gold, we’ll suggest items for you (usually high ilevel epic items). We review auction items for every AH buyout order, if we found you’re using grey or white, we’ll contact you to relist suitable one instead.
As transmogrification is so popular in Retail WoW, a lot items’ prices depend on willing buyers, everyday, you can find a lot items listed in ah for ridiculous prices. We think blizzard generally judge the item value by its ilvl and rarity, it’s impossible for blizzard to define the exact price for a special item and review every single trade. But it’s better not to use greys or whites.
3. Trading via AH is also safer to gold farmers’ guild bank in Retail WoW and Farming Mains in WoW Classic
We found, face to face delivery is more likely to draw blizzard’s attention; delivery via auction can protect our guild bank better. To blizzard, we just purchase some stuff from AH from time to time, not like we try to sell gold, it makes our bank more like a legit and normal one. Obviously as our bank is safe, it won’t lead blizzard to investigate transactions we did, so you’re absolutely safe.
4. Be smart, make a regular gold purchasing plan and use different characters to buy gold.
It is easy to understand that big currency flow is more likely to be investigated by Blizzard, we think blizzard system audits more strictly when the amount is big such as 10000 gold in TBC Classic, we suggest you have a plan for purchasing to aovid purchasing big amount at a time; besides, it is brilliant to use different characters to buy gold.
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