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We've been in this business over ten years, with safe auction delivery and face to face transfer, we always guarantee you receive safe wow gold without risk.

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LootDude's service is 24*7*365, we have professional online support webchat. They're good at providing safe suggestions for buying WoW TBC Classic gold or WoW gold or other game currencies.

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Most face to face delivery orders will be completed in 18 mins when payment confirmed. Auction House buyout delivery will be delivered in 30 minutes. Check our FAQ for further information.

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Choose The Right Items to List and Buy WoW Gold Safely Through Auction Buyout Delivery


Though auction house delivery is known as the safest way to post your WoW gold orders, you still need to pay attention to details and it is necessary. In order to complete your gold orders safer, your auction items should fit below profile.


1. They can't be bought from ingame NPCs or vendors

2. High Ilevel Trash green or blue items preferred, please avoid using white or grey items.

3. IF you're not sure what item to post, please contact LIVEHELP on our site directly.


Below are some sample items we highly recommend, you can easily find them in AH, usually cost around 20-30 G, besides you can choose some items which are similiar to them.


Sample Items

[Essence of Destruction]  (Purple)
[Sha Crystal]                    (Purple)
[Maelstrom Crystal]         (Purple)
[Shadowfire Necklace]   (Green/Blue)
[Bejeweled Ring]             (Green/Blue)
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