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We've been in this business over ten years, with safe auction delivery and face to face transfer, we always guarantee you receive safe wow gold without risk.

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LootDude's service is 24*7*365, we have professional online support webchat. They're good at providing safe suggestions for buying WoW TBC Classic gold or WoW gold or other game currencies.

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Most face to face delivery orders will be completed in 18 mins when payment confirmed. Auction House buyout delivery will be delivered in 30 minutes. Check our FAQ for further information.

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Register as member, we'll record every order and provide best service, once order total hits certain amount, you'll get exclusive discount, please read VIP Program

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Buying WoW Gold Via Auction House Buyout Delivery With Two Steps

Gold Delivered Via Auction House Buyout 


  • Auction some items separately, set [Starting Price as 280G, Buyout Price as 10000G, Duration: 48Hrs] for each item; make the total prices equal purchased gold amount, input item names in auction items box on checkout page.
  • 5% discount code: auction  (input this code in discount code box on checkout page. It's used to make up 5% gold loss cut by AH, AH charges 5% gold as auction fee)
  • Est. Delivery Time: 30 mins

Eg, How to list auctions for 150K gold order.

buy wow gold via auction house

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 Buying WoW Gold Via Auction House Buyout Delivery With Two Steps
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